10 Things To Consider For A Happier Financial Future

Life is a journey, and we travel the road with family and friends. But life is also a financial adventure and one we need to navigate carefully. Here are ten things you need to know about financial planning for a better future. 1: Navigate your life and money armed with

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How To Financial Plan For Long Term Healthcare Costs

It is often the case that 90% of healthcare costs come in the last 10% of life. In this instance I am using healthcare costs in its widest sense to include not just doctors, hospitals and medications but also residential care homes and other means of caring for yourself when

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What A Difference A Day Makes

If you are a business owner, you need to know that your 66th Birthday has massive financial implications for the sale or transfer of your business. Current legislation in Ireland provides an incentive to sell or transfer your business between the age of 55 and before your 66th birthday. Relief from CGT

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Cashflow Blog

What is cashflow modelling and why should you use it? “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Leakin. What is Cashflow Modelling? Cashflow modelling is a way of looking at your finances in the future. The information provided will

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Financial Wellness

We are regularly reminded of the need to mind our physical and mental wellbeing. Employers are encouraged to help us be more aware of our health and state of mind. But what about our financial wellbeing. Clearly this can become a great stress in our lives as we are pushed

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COVID-19 Giving Us Time To Reflect

COVID-19 giving us time to reflect. One thing about isolation is that you have more time to yourself. In that time, you can really think about your future and what you want. For many of us it is just to get back to the life we had before the virus

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Your Spending Plan

Your Spending Plan In these difficult times when our heath is the number one priority along with meeting meeting the real needs of our families. Things like: Can we feed ourselves? Can we just make ends meet whilst we are not working? These are top priorities. I am certain however

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Estate Planning

Will your assets pass to the important people in your life? Have you thought about a gift while you live? Have you thought about the tax implications of your estate? Use the 2-minute quiz below to see if you are prepared.

Pension and Investments

Is the investment return that you are seeking appropriate for your needs? Are you saving tax efficiently? Are your investments delivering what you need? See how you feel about these and other important questions with our 2-minute quiz.

Lifestyle Wheel

Use our lifestyle wheel to see what areas of your life could do with an overhaul. Remember life is not a rehearsal.

Financial Planning

Have you planned so that you can live the life you want to? Use this 2-minute test to see how you score against the main areas you can control to ensure you do.