I had some pensions from when I was last working in Ireland in 2007, which I had not paid much attention to. The broker who set them up was difficult to interest in reviewing or changing them. When I finally met him on my return to Ireland earlier this year, we had a long meeting but there was no substantive follow up to my emails.

I met David Lunn through Eagle Chapter of BNI and asked him whether he would look at them. It was an absolute privilege to listen to his feedback. Having worked in financial services, I was hearing from David exactly the sort of information that I would look to provide to my clients, so that they could balance risk and performance to their needs. He is someone with deep international experience, who knows this local market thoroughly. He explains and challenges my assumptions with his superior knowledge of the products available. Already I have learned of new-style products which I would not have considered before. It is a relief and comfort to know that my pensions are now being monitored by a complete professional in his field.

I would not hesitate to recommend David Lunn as a financial adviser to friends and colleagues.

Henry Young
We recently engaged the services of David Lunn from Foundation Stone Financial Planning to carry out a complete assessment of our financial position and to advise on any areas that might need looking at.

David was extremely thorough, professional and impartial which was exactly what we were looking for. He had us complete a couple of questionnaires which allowed him to get a good picture of our current position and then proceeded to assess this and provide recommendations on areas that he felt we should pay attention to.

I would have to say that David’s advice was extremely useful, made perfect sense and was backed up with solid reasoning. I really liked his approach which made me feel that we were getting genuine advice that was in our interest and not the product that gave most benefit to Foundation Stone.

I also really like the approach where they charge a fee for the advice and then rebate any commissions that they may receive as a result of that advice. I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve dealt with a Financial Advisor that I really trust and feel has our interests at heart.

I’d like to say a big Thank You to David for all his assistance and I would highly recommend that anyone looking for financial advice should speak to David to see how he can help, you won’t regret it! Yours truly,
David Griffith

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