Investment Advice

Investment advice can often be biased, depending on the service provider who is trying to sell you the investment. So, the safest way to ensure your needs and interests are being taken care of is to work with an objective financial planner.

With a collective 50 years of experience in global investment, Foundation Stone Financial Planning can give you the knowledgeable, up-to-date and impartial advice and insights that you are looking for, while remaining by your side during your investment journey.

We help you review your existing investment holdings for suitability and will also guide you should you have excess savings that you want to invest.
Any new investments, or adjustments to existing portfolios suggested, will be based of full needs analysis, risk assessment and supported by a statement of suitability.

And if you’re already working with another advisor but would prefer to work with us, we will help you make the agency transition to Foundation Stone Financial Planning.

We are not tied to any single product provider but have access to the majority of the insurance and investment providers in the Irish market.

This is something we are proud of, and this is the very ethos that Foundation Stone Financial Planning has been built on – we offer fair, clear and impartial advice based completely on suitability for your goals and objectives.