Mortgage Brokerage

There will be between 30 and 60 transitions in your life where money is in motion – either coming to you or away from you.

Taking out a mortgage, or paying off a mortgage, are two of these major financial moments. And they are moments filled with all sorts of emotion.

Emotions and financial decisions should never be mixed, as emotions can often result in hasty decisions.

If taking on a mortgage, it’s best to engage with a Certified Financial Planner® when going through these transitions, as they will review your financial position thoroughly to ensure mortgage affordability to help you establish a solid financial footing now, and into the future.

As objective mortgage brokers, Foundation Stone Financial Planning Ltd, we always act in your interest, finding a mortgage that suits you and helping you through the application process.

And as you go about your life, we will be here to offer advice again should your financial circumstance change or should you want to overpay your mortgage or, save another way. We will help you make the best emotion-free choices so you and your family can live the life you want.