Life Insurance

Approaching the insurance market can often feel like you’re entering a gruesomely dark forest in a children’s story. You fear a witch or monster will jump out at some stage – and sell you something that you don’t want, for too much and isn’t fit for purpose.

There’s no escaping the fact that where there is money and assets, there is risk. And where there is risk, there is a need for insurance to protect you, your family and your business.

We don’t claim to be your fairy godmother, but we certainly will protect you from the insurance wolves.

We arrange life insurance, mortgage protection, permanent health insurance, serious illness cover and personal accident insurance.

For business owners, we sort out your Key Person Insurance, Co-Directors Insurance and Partnership Insurance.

When it comes to your insurance, we don’t just sell you a product. As we are not tied to any product, we look at your needs, the cost, suitability, and quality of insurance and how it fits into your life.

No silly fables – just facts to help you live happily ever after.